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 Point System

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PostSubject: Point System   Sat Aug 03, 2013 7:24 am

Chaotic Elegance Academy Point System.
Chaotic Elegance Academy will now be hosting a point system for all those who wish for another way to move up in dorm ranks. It will also show the Duelists who have had great victory/achievement at the academy.

Each Member will originally be awarded a set number of points based on the dorm they are placed in as well the the total number of points they score in their test.

Scores will follow the following criteria:

1) Chaos Sorcerer Dorm= 100 + Testing points
2) Envoy Beginning Dorm= 300 + Testing points
3) Chaos Emperor Dorm= 600 + Testing points
4) Envoy Twilight Dorm= 1000 + Testing points

Promoting Point System

The following will indicate the number of points needed to be in a specific dorm:

1) Chaos Sorcerer Dorm= 0-250 points
2) Envoy Beginning Dorm= 251-550 points
3) Chaos Emperor Dorm= 550-950 points
4) Envoy Twilight Dorm= 951+ points

Depending on the number of points you have you will either be promoted to the next dorm or demoted to a lower dorm.

Earning Points

There are multiple ways in which you can earn points:

1) Single/Match Duels Against Other Members
2) Tournaments
3) Dueling Challenges Posted by Admins
Single Duels will give 5 points ± the grade difference of both players. E.G. Chaos Sorcerer is 3 grades lower than Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Twilight, so a Chaos Sorcerer member would earn 8 point whereas is the Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Twilight member won, he would only earn 2 points. The one who is defeated will lose points equal to how much the other won.
Matches will give 10 points + 2x the grade of the defeated. If you lose one Duel, you will lose points equal to your grade. E.G. If a Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Twilight Player defeated a Chaos Sorcerer player in a match, he would win 8 points. (10 + 2x1 - 4) as he is a grade 4 and the Chaos Sorcerer player is only grade 1.
Tournament amounts will vary, tournaments may cost points to enter.
Dueling Challenges amount will vary, and may cost points to enter the challenge.
4) Displaying a play of which is good, and seen by an admin. DO NOT post images of what you have done in the past, or ask admins to watch your play to earn points. If an admin does not wish to see it, you earn nothing. The admin WILL display your image on here and give you up to 3 points for the play. Lower dorms WILL tend to get these types of points more as it will be unsuspecting for their rank, so please do not think you aren't worthy of pulling off good plays. Other academy members are also allowed to show admins these plays with an image, and an admin can decide whether they are worthy of points.

Single/Match Duel Criteria

1) Both players must agree that they are Dueling for points.
2) Both players must agree if it will be a single duel or a match.
3) Both players must debate and agree to Deck and Ruling conditions (if any)
4) You must make a post in the Dueling centre with an image of the result in order to receive points.

Duel Post Format

Duelists Names:
Duel Type:
Image Links:

Note: You need an Image Link in order to verify the results. Also in order to prevent any cases of people of denying it was a points duel, you need an Image of both players accepting the Points Duel. The second image can simply be the same picture as the first, with both players stating they accept the duels in the duel chat. We hope that everyone will be honest about results thus these pics are to ensure fair play is kept.

WARNING: If we believe you are boosting/cheating points, both accounts will drop down to 50 CEA points and be unable to duel for points for the week. Multiple of this offence WILL lead to a more severe consequence.

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Point System
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