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 Academy Policies

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PostSubject: Academy Policies   Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:07 pm

Tournament Policy

  1. All tournaments will have a set time frame, for which it will take place, never exceeding a week.

  2. When matched up with an opponent, you will both have 24 hours to duel. If you cant make that time frame you will have to forfeit the match. If for some reason both players do not log on at the same times during that 24 hour period, they will have an additional 6 hours. After that both will have to forfeit.

  3. Unless otherwise specified, you may not use META, BURN, STALL, EXODIA, or MILL Decks. At the time of registration for a tournament, participants will have to submit their decks through an image link on DN to the Host of the Tournament.

  4. Deck Changing in the middle of the tournament will not be allowed. Anyone who is caught changing their decks in any way, will be disqualified form the tournament and will get an extra five point deduction. THIS APPLYS TO EVERY FORM OF CHEATING.

  5. The Entrance Fee for all tournaments, unless otherwise specified, will be 10 points. Rewards shall vary depending on the amount of participants, the more there are the bigger the reward.

  6. In order to prove a victory, you must show pics of your victory or have your opponent confirm. ALL TOURNAMENT DUELS WILL BE MATCHES, NO SINGLES.

  7. If During a Tournament Match an Opponent DC's, You will be required to take a picture too if you believe the DC happened out of convenience. The Pic will then be seen by the Admins or the Tournament Hosts, and they will decide if this is true or not based on the state of the game.

  8. Tournaments will use so please go make an account there.

  9. Live tournaments will follow these rules, except for the fact they will be quick and around one hour in duration.

Homework Policies

  1. Every Few Days Homework will be Posted for everyone to complete.
  2. Homework is not mandatory, however you will receive five points for completing it.
  3. There will be set time frame for each assignment to be completed, after which a new assignment will be posted.
  4. If for any reason your submission does not look genuine, like a fake set up you did with a friend, we reserve the right to not accept it, until we have verified the authenticity of it.

Challenge Policies

  1. Challenges will be posted along with Homework.
  2. The time duration for Challenges will vary.
  3. Unlike Homework Assignments, in order to participate in the Challenge, you must wager 5 points.
  4. Most often the award for completing a challenge will be 10 points unless otherwise mentioned.
  5. All Challenges will have a set time period for acceptance as well submission. What this means is, you may have only 24 hours to accept a challenge, you would post do indicate that you do, and then 48 hours more to complete the challenge.
  6. If for any reason your submission does not look genuine, like a fake set up you did with a friend, we reserve the right to not accept it, until we have verified the authenticity of it.
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Academy Policies
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