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 Begginer's Guide

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PostSubject: Begginer's Guide   Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:22 pm

Hello, and thank you for joining Chaotic Elegance Dueling Academy. We hope you enjoy your stay with us here.

This guide is to help you get accustomed to using this forum, if you are not familiar with Yugioh Forums in General


How To Use This Specific Forum

Step 0.
This is a Yu Gi Oh forum, thus if you do not play the game you will most like not enjoy your time here all the time. If you area beginner at the game or wish to learn how to play here is a good tutorial video for the basics.(Thanks to Samung2.0 for the video).

Tutorial Video:

Step 1.
Read the Rules Regarding this Forum First. You may Find the Rules Here: RULES

Step 2.
Request a test from one of the Admins or Testers, so that you can be placed in a dorm. Before you Request a Test Please read this: TESTING

Step 3.
While you are waiting to be tested please an introduction post, so that other member may get to know you better. You may post your introduction post here: INTRODUCTIONS

Step 4.
After you have been placed in a dorm, please also make a dorm post as a way for you to meet other members in your dorms. You may find the Dorms here: DORMS

After you have completed all four steps, you are now ready to browse the rest of the forum and I hope you will take advantage of all that we have to offer, and you will stay active. Thank you for your time, and I hope this guide was helpful.
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Begginer's Guide
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